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April 2015 Meeting Review

Paul Tumey mainOur guest speaker for the April meeting was rare comics and original researcher, Seattle cartoonist, comics scholar and writer Paul Tumey. Paul’s presentation was titled “Forgotten Funnies: Images of America in the comics of Percy Winterbottom, Dwig, and Ving Fuller.” It was a fascinating journey through the history of some of the strange and wonderful comics from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Paul’s impeccable research and attention to detail truly made this presentation an evening everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed.

Paul began with an explanation of his background as a writer for published books, essays, and online blogs. He told about how one of his adventures into the history of comics brought him to the home of legendary cartoonist Art Spiegelman, best known for his graphic novel Maus. Paul also stayed with Jennifer George, the granddaughter of none other than the famous cartoonists Rube Goldberg.

EWP Paul Tumey caricature

Ballpoint pen sketch of Paul Tumey by E.W. Pankey

Over the next hour and an half, Paul presented a detailed slide show containing many fascinating images from the 3 cartoonists he featured. Occasionally Paul would surprise the group by pulling out an original cartoon illustrated by the artist he was telling us about. He allowed them to be passed around the group for a closer look. This was truly a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with some cartoons that date back over 100 years! I nobody spilled coffee on them.

The evening ended with a final prop for the group to enjoy. It was a piggy bank designed by Ving Fuller, the last of the 3 cartoonists featured in Paul’s presentation. We wish we had more time to listen to Paul. His stories and cartoons could have gone on for much longer. On behalf of all those who attended, thank you Paul for sharing your passion for comics and rediscovering these forgotten funnies with Cartoonists Northwest!

Paul Tumey group shot