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April 2016 Meeting Review

638 Million Possibilities and a roomful of cartoonists!

April CNW Meeting Review by Lisa Harmon

The speaker for the CNW meeting on 4/16/16 was Kevin Boze. He showed us some great ways to get the creative juices flowing. (However, another idea would be to invite Kevin over for an evening of his amazing stories and I’m sure that would give your creativity a boost.)

One of our first exercises - with Kevin as model

One of our first exercises – with Kevin as model

We first warmed up by drawing Roberta Gregory who had a pillow on her arm. Our challenge was to turn the pillow into a cat in our drawing. Next, we tried some speed drawing of Kevin’s facial expressions. First we had 30 seconds to draw him in a surprised pose. Then draw it again in 15 seconds. Then again in 10 seconds. We also speed drew him posing as someone starting a fight. Next he had us draw a donkey and elephant for 5 minutes so we could have an outlet for the political bombardment we have been receiving this year.

After that we drew a squiggle on paper and passed it to the person sitting near us so they could add something to the picture. Then we passed it one more time so someone could add motion or a punch line. The end results were some amazingly funny drawings for our “Best of the Northwest” contest. Lastly we spun Lo Linkert’s Gag, Situation and Idea Finder wheel.

Kevin checks the wheel - what we will draw next?

Kevin checks the wheel – what we will draw next?

Lo Linkert was born in Germany, served in the German Army and ended up at a Canadian POW camp. He drew caricatures in the hospital in exchange for cigarettes. For next decade, Lo was a freelance artist, drawing posters for MGM and 20th Century Fox. He also did a nightclub act, drawing caricatures in nightclubs for US troops. It took him seven years of persistent submissions before making his first North American sale to the Saturday Evening Post due to his poor grasp of the English language. But thru hard work, and the support of his wife Inge, he managed to be in all the major gag markets of the day, produce 24 books, as well as 1500 greeting cards.

The Gag Wheel consists of four discs. When they stop spinning your arrow lands on a Person / Place / Thing / Action (over 637 million combinations). These combinations can sure put some whimsy in your creativity just by drawing them. Some of the combinations we drew were:

  • Mother-in-law / lovers lane / shoe / smashing
  • Daughter / drugstore / holding / boxing gloves
  • Fisherman / castle / umbrella / shaking
  • Legionnaire / island / tape recorder / loafing

I must admit, I drew things I never would have come up with on my own. Thank you Lo Linkert and Thank you Kevin Boze for an entertaining and creative evening.

Group drawing the various ideas

Group drawing the various ideas