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August 2015 Meeting Review

Scott Ball presents: An introduction to Manga Studio

By Jason Fruchter

Scott BallOur August meeting was a fun journey into the world of digital comic book creation. No need for paper, pencils, ink, and all that messy stuff. All you need is a computer, software, and a tablet. Scott showed us how it’s done using Manga Studio. He walked us through a step-by-step process of how to create a page layout and draw your funny characters inside the panels. Who knew comic book creation could be so easy? Well, Scott made it look easy.

Scott explained how up until recently he did all his drawing traditionally using good ‘ole pencils, pens, and paper. Now Scott has entered the digital world and isn’t looking back. He’s exclusively a digital artist now. And what better tool to use than Manga Studio. Scott showed us how to automatically create a page layout using templates. You can resize your panels by just dragging the boxes around the page. The margins will automatically be locked into a fixed width. You can go back and edit them at any time. You can even create angles and curves in your panels. The possibilities are endless!

ScottBall AugSpkrOnce you’ve decided on a page layout, it’s time to draw the characters. Need help with a tricky perspective? No problem! Manga Studio comes with 3D models you can place and manipulate to help you with those impossibly difficult to draw foreshortened poses. You can even load fully rendered backgrounds like a classroom or exterior buildings. But our friend Scott has no need for these in his comics! Scott is a master at hand drawing his backgrounds and character poses.

Although it was very interesting to see how the Manga Studio software works, my favorite part of Scott’s presentation was his drawing demo. I love to watch Scott draw! He started with a rough “pencil” sketch of his bunny character. Then, on a separate layer he “inked” the rough lines using a custom made brush. The pressure sensitive Wacom tablet allowed Scott to draw a perfect, smooth tapered line. I was amazed how fast he draws his lines! I guess that’s how he gets such a smooth and naturally flowing line quality. It’s all about being bold whipping out ink lines with a flick of the wrist. Now I know Scott’s secret. I hope everyone who attended the meeting was as inspired and motivated to draw as I was. Thank you Scott!