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KAI book cover

Art by Mike Tackett


Is there life beyond Photoshop? You bet!

For instance, there’s Corel Painter and Adobe Flash.

But how do you know if these programs are right for you? And how do you get started if they are?

Mike Tackett to the rescue!

At our Feb. 16 meeting, Mike will give a class for everyone who wants to get started in Flash. Think of this as Flash 101. Or even Flash for Dummies—except we’re all pretty smart, right?

Plus, Mike will be giving a demonstration of why you might want to use Painter—even if you’re already using Photoshop.

This is an all too rare appearance for one of CNW’s founding fathers. (Did you know that Mike was our first president?) So we’re hoping to get bashful Mike to show off a bit of his art as well.

Mike has worked in commercial design, animation, web design and illustration. In fact, when the creators of the forthcoming film about famous Northwest cartoonists (“Bezango, WA”) needed poster-type art, they turned to Mike.

So don’t miss this meeting. It’s got it all: tech, tips and great art!

WHAT:             February meeting of Cartoonists Northwest

DATE:            Saturday, Feb. 16

TIME:            5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Location:            Artist & Craftsman Supply

4350 8th Ave. N.E.

Seattle, WA 98105

(in the University District about a block east of I-5)

Suggested donation of $5 for nonmembers.

Free parking until 7:30 p.m. at the parking lot across the street from Artist & Craftsman.

Hi Everybody,

CartoonistsNW Folding party for our monthly newsletter Penstuff is this Thursday Feb 7th at 6pm.

We’ll be meeting Thursday Feb 7th at: Denny’s on 4th Ave at 6:00pm to fold and sticker our monthly newsletter Penstuff.

Denny’s Restaurant: 2762 4th Ave So, Seattle, WA 206.623.8375.

It is just south of Lander St on 4th Ave So. (To help locate this, the Starbucks corporate offices are at 1st and Lander streets), so Denny’s is 4 blocks east and just south of Lander.

Your help is really appreciated. Hope to see as many of you there as possible!!  It’s a good time to share and chat and network, too.  Let’s have a nice casual gathering and be productive, too!

Hope to see you all there!! Thanks so much!


Hi CNW. The typically silent Jeff Willis here.

I rarely have things to post worth mentioning but I thought I might do so now. I don’t remember mentioning it before but my animations for the video game “Fairway Solitaire” from Big Fish Games are now available for viewing on YouTube. Here are the links in “chapter” order.

BTW I am in the process of developing even more but these will be released in the Fairway Solitaire game itself. Thanks, Jeff Willis–fKDINHRjM