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Cartoonists Northwest meetings are fun and informative monthly get-togethers of amateur & professional cartoonists and writers.  We often have a guest speaker who comes to meet us and talk about their work and experiences.  Other times we have a workshop, show & tell and/or drawing exercises.

Lo Linkert Gag, Situation and Idea Finder

Lo Linkert Gag, Situation and Idea Finder

At this months February 18 meeting bring pen & paper and be prepared to draw as CNW President Bill Morse leads us through some fun when we use Lo Linkert’s Gag, Situation & Idea Finder!

The late, great Lo Linkert created the essential cartoonists idea conjuring tool: the Gag, Situation and Idea Finder.  It’s a simple yet brilliant device to help you through the occasional brain freeze.

Lo’s Idea Finder randomly suggests the Who, the Where, the What, and the When of a gag cartoon idea.  Circles of the wheel spin independently, so many cartoon situations are possible.

Where: Artist and Craftsman Supply, 4350 8th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105. 206.545.0091

When: Saturday, February 16th, 2016. 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Free parking across the street until 7:30

Columbia City

Columbia City

Cartoonists Northwest welcomes
Gabriel Campanario
as our first Guest Speaker of 2017.

No doubt you have seen the work of Gabriel in the Seattle Times over the past eight years where he is a Staff Artist.  The Spanish-born artist, journalist, husband and father has been living in the US since 1998, and Seattle since 2006.

His weekly feature The Seattle Sketcher has informed and delighted readers with its colorful illustrations and text articles since its April 2009 debut.  He showcases area locales the average Seattleite may have come to take for granted or not have noticed in the first place.  Past and present, new and historic, unique and commonplace, the Sketcher brought them to life in newsprint.

Gabriel also illustrated verious editorial pieces in the newspaper.

Gabriel Campanario sketching

Gabriel is the founder of Urban Sketchers nonprofit, and has published books of his Urban Sketching.  Not limiting himself to Seattle, his books are full of sketches from London, England and elsewhere around the world, he also shares his Tips and Techniques.

Date: Saturday, November 19th

Time:  5:30 to 7:30pm

Location: Artist & Craftsman Supply
4350 8th Avenue N.E.
Seattle, 98105 

(in the University District about a block east of I-5)

Free Parking until 7:30 at the parking lot across the street 

Our December CNW meeting will be our annual Holiday Party & White Elephant Gift Exchange!  It all begins at 6pm, on  Saturday
Dec 17th, at Tutta Bella in Wallingford (where we had our holiday parties in the past) 4411 Stone Way North in Seattle
Please RSVP to if you plan on going, as we need a head count to make the reservation.
We’ll play at least one drawing game, so be prepared to draw and be silly.
The other highlight of the evening (besides dinner and some great conversation) is the gift exchange.  Here are the gift exchange rules:
  • Bring your wrapped (but not labeled) gift and place it in “the pile.” Gifts should be inexpensive, humorous items or used items from home.
  • All participants draw a number from a hat. The participant with #1 unwraps any gift from the pile and then shows it to everyone. Each successive participant can either A) “steal” an already opened gift, or B) be adventurous and pick out a new, wrapped gift from the pile.
  • If the participant chooses to steal, the person whose gift is stolen now repeats their turn and either A) steals another person’s gift (They can’t immediately steal back the gift which was just stolen from them), or B) unwraps a new gift.
  • This cycle of stealing continues until a new gift is chosen, at which point the turn is passed to the participant with the next number from the drawing.
  • Since items can be stolen, the item in your possession is not yours until the game is over. However, a gift is declared “safe” after it has been stolen three times. A food item may not be eaten until the game is over or the item is determined to be “safe.”
Come join the fun and wish your cartooning colleagues “Happy Holidays.”