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Art and obscenity may share blurry borders, so how can you tell the difference? Come to Cartoonists Northwest’s March meeting for an adult conversation on “Cartoonist Censorship, Self-Expression, and Social Responsibility”.

The March meeting offers an engaging and constructive roundtable discussion on the purpose and practice of cartoon art. Attendees are invited to respectfully share views on this controversial subject, stimulating action toward creating more successful and expressive cartoons. (more…)

Mark Campos is a prolific Seattle-area cartoonist and writer whose work has appeared in anthologies such as Hyena, Gay Comix, and the recent Real Magicalism and TYPHON. His solo work includes the two-issue Places That Are Gone series, and several issues of Exapno Mapcase. His work with the Finecomix group was published in the critically acclaimed Moxie, My Sweet. His reviews have appeared in The Comics Journal, Comics F/X, Poopsheet, and Zine World. (more…)

It’s a whole new year, and that means it’s time to vote for the office of President of Cartoonists Northwest! Come to the January 17 meeting to meet the candidates and exercise your franchise! Will current Prez Keith Curtis be unseated, and if so, by whom? Whatever the outcome, plan to attend and be a part of CNW history in the making. Consider running for office yourself! It’s a wide open race. The choices are yours, the politics will be minimal, and thus too will be the drama. Why, CNW doesn’t even have any political parties! No, all we have is… the re-booted holiday party! (more…)