Next Event: May 21, 2016
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Autobiographical Comics Are Squinky Comics!

Before you don your Halloween costume, look in the mirror. Yes, you’re abominably ugly even without the help of the Conan O’Brien mask , but that’s okay. The point is to look beneath the surface. Because underneath that revolting corporeal envelope, there lies the throbbing, raw material for the truest and most original comic book in the universe – – the one about yourself! Come to the October meeting and find out how to peel back your persona and confront the pulsing, living soul within, enslave it to your cartoonist will, and thus begin your journey toward an astoundingly squinky creation – – your very own Autobiographical Comic. (more…)

“Travis Bundy and His Gods”

Travis Bundy is set to address the multitudes at the September meeting of Cartoonists Northwest! Bundy is the writer and artist of the hard-hitting graphic novel series, “Gods of the New Empire”, a tour-de-force featuring a team of bold, original characters and the potent secret they protect, all portrayed in a vivid black and white style. The self-published series is ongoing and has seen several installments. Who are these “gods” and what is the “new empire”? Perhaps all will be revealed at the September meeting! (more…)

Good, Better, and Beth!

Cartoonists Northwest is proud to present guest speaker Beth Guizzetti at the August meeting, and you won’t want to miss it. Beth is a talented fine artist with a portfolio ranging from murals to Christmas cards to advertising, and has been a successful participant at comic cons. She the creator of the graphic novel “Famine Lands”. Presently there are two graphic novels in the series: The Carp”s Eye and Living Stone. The latter debuted at the San Diego International Comic Con last month. She also has a comic book called “Out for Souls and Cookies”. Beth is a compelling presenter who also teaches cartooning to young and old through the public library system. Here are some quotes taken directly from her website: (more…)