Next Event: January 21, 2017
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This is Your Life, Milt Priggee!

As the summer finally heats up (let’s hope the A/C works at our new meeting space!), we’ll get a dose of cool, as local editorial cartoonist Milt Priggee arrives to discuss “the highlights and lowlights” of his career in cartooning for our July CNW meeting. (more…)

Girlhero to Serve Up Some Artichoke Tales!

CNW has scored quite the coup (with a side of melted butter) for our June meeting! Seattle cartooning mainstay, Megan Kelso, has a new book arriving, and she’ll be debuting a slideshow talk about it at our upcoming meeting. (more…)

Messinger Service, or A Life in Store-age

At May’s CNW meeting, we’ll be hearing from the founder of Evolution. No, we’re not talkin’ Charles Darwin here! We’re talkin’ about Chuck Messinger and his Puyallup store, Comic Evolution. Comic Evolution has been billed as “a comic book store … with intelligent design,” and I don’t think I can out-do that turn of phrase (though, of course, I had to make some attempts)! Just a guess here, but I suspect Chuck might explain what makes his store special at the meeting. (more…)