Next Event: October 15, 2016
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If You Want It Done Right …

Our meeting this month will feature a step-by-step guide to publishing your own work, a very important topic in these times of industry shrinkage and technological innovation. (more…)

Get Yer Game On!

CNW’s January meeting will be all about games — not playing them, but making them!

Our guest speaker will be Laura Schumacher (AKA: “Nintendo Queen”), strange visitor from another planet, who took up the video game controller even before she could walk, and who has been working as a professional in the gaming industry for more than seven years. While the economy has been sluggish for some time, the gaming industry has expanded and is continuing to grow. (more…)

Come All Ye Toonheads!

It’s the end of the year as we know it, but does that mean Cartoonists Northwest will be doing something “sketchy” for the final meeting of 2009? Well, yes and no! How ’bout something completely different? How ’bout the chance to create your own Christmas ornament or holiday gift out of glass? Yes, that’s right: finally a new way to channel some of that “hot air” we all exhale in great big puffy clouds! We’ll be meeting for our December gala at Blowing Sands Glass Studio. Everyone is invited to blow their own pumpkin (approx. 4″ diameter), float (approx. 6″-8″ diameter), or ornament (approx. 4″ diameter) for $20 per piece (they’re giving us a $5 break off their regular rate). No experience is necessary (literally a 3 year old has done it). We will need to know by Thursday, December 17th how many folks will want to participate, because the studio hosts need to know how many blowers they’ll need. E-mail us your name and how many folks you’ll have participating. (more…)