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Channeling Some Serious Mojo!

Come to the July meeting and let Marybeth Barr take you on a magic journey through her cool and colorful world. She is the creator of the whimsical book Coral, Koko, & Ponch, about a girl taken into her inner world and taught how to manage her desires and her past. Eighty illustrations guide the reader through the process of visualization and meditation. (more…)


And, if there’s any cartoonist who knows how, it’s KEVIN BOZE. Kevin will be the guest speaker at the June meeting of Cartoonists Northwest. Some of you may recall he was supposed to be the speaker last month but had to postpone til June. Consider it a month-long period of foreplay…which is appropriate enough, because Kevin is the creator of “The Virgin Project”, the book that chronicles true stories of sexual initiation. For more about him, below is his bio from his website:

A native of Seattle, Kevin got his first professional art assignment at age 14, drawing “concept sketches” of houses for a construction company. (more…)

Change in CNW May Meeting!

It was previously announced here that Kevin Boze would be the guest speaker at the May 16, 2009, meeting of Cartoonists Northwest. Unfortunately, a schedule conflict arose, and we are sorry to say that Kevin will not be speaking after all. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will let you know when a future appearance by Kevin is in the works. In the meantime, CNW’s President Keith Curtis has sprung into the breach! Keith will go all techie on us at the May meeting, and provide a totally spacey look at his secret (Photoshop) process behind that mad creation of his, “Crater On The Moon: Story of a Space Marine”. Keith’s fumetti-style photo montage work is perhaps the most unique use of Photoshop in American comics today. Come to the May meeting and get cratered. (more…)