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Rob Mullin Beau Obremski are the co-founders of Sly Studios LLC, the company behind Scottish Ninjas.  It is their pleasure, and mine as well, to  announce that they are releasing their first KickStarter project for the production of Season I of the Scottish Ninjas web series.

During the past two years, they have: completed and released an initial pilot, been a selection at the 2010 ITV Fest and Seattle MIFFF festival, released several short videos on the Web (where they had over 70,000 views on their YouTube channel). They have also recently partnered with the media marketing outfit BigFrame.

The last year was spent perfecting their writing, animation techniques, and models. This can be seen in their last few shorts and will be seen again with the release of these first minisodes. They have plans to release their first season of Scottish Ninjas on their YouTube channel.  Hopefully their recent partnership with BigFrame will assist in marketing and developing a more sustained revenue stream. (more…)

May 26th, 2012 is the date for the second annual Mini-Comics Day, celebrating the art of cartooning and creating hand-made comic books.

On Mini-Comics Day, participating cartoonists from around the world will write, draw, and print copies of a mini-comic, completing the entire process from start to finish in a day or less. Anyone in the world can participate.

Celebrate Mini-Comics Day with Steve Willis!

McCleary Community Center: 9am – 3pm 
726 W. Simpson Ave.
McCleary, Washington

Has another Toonies already come and gone? The longer I’m in Cartoonists Northwest, the more I begin to associate the character of a year with what happened at the Toonie™ Awards. Saturday night’s event ran smoothly and entertained many, offering all of the familiar traditions alongside some welcome surprises.

The Amazing Martin Brothers upped the ante this year with contribution’s from not one, but two additional members and a longer playlist. Members swept the Art Auction table and nearly every item was gone by the end of the evening. Participation in the Clay Contest was high; perpetual Clay Contest winner Mark Monlux took the prize again, and received a PVP collection for his efforts signed by our guest speaker, . (more…)