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Photo by David Lasky

On Saturday, March 16th we were presented with the engaging story of how David Lee Ingersoll began his career as an illustrator and cartoonist. David published his first comic in 1988 and has since continued his talents, illustrating for various projects. He revealed the comics that inspired him as a child, his fascination with monsters, and went into fascinating detail about his past and future works.

We all have that comic that “started it all.” For David, it was “The Amazing Spider-Man” issue 103, which he found at age seven. Spiderman was the “encapsulation of all of his interests,” with its monsters, lost worlds, and primitive men. His love of drawing monsters began with watching movies such as Godzilla and King Kong. In 1971, David’s allowance was one cent a day, which is why he only read Spider-Man for a period of time. When his allowance increased to five cents, he ventured further into the comic world. He began reading horror comics, such “Freak Brothers” and “Elf Quest,” the latter which he believes showed the importance of writing over the look of a comic’s artwork. “Cerebus,” a self-published comic, inspired David to begin his own projects. (more…)

tackett art 01On Saturday, February 16th, our group was treated to a presentation by Mike Tackett! 
Yes, that Mike Tackett, one of the founding members of 
Cartoonists Northwest and creator of our iconic totem pole logo! Even though he was a bit under the weather, Mike came through with a fascinating and engaging demonstration of two applications every illustrator, graphic designer, and animator should know about… Adobe Flash and Corel Painter.

If you’ve never used Flash before, this was the perfect introduction. Mike started with a demonstration of how to create basic shapes using the drawing tools in Flash. Yes, you can use Flash to draw and create graphics! It’s not just for programming geeks and animation nerds. You can use Flash as you would 
Illustrator, but with a unique twist. For example, Mike showed us how to create new shapes by combining two shapes and deleting the overlapping parts. Great for making a quick and easy crescent moon graphic. He also demonstrated how Flash is great for creating line art. He drew a tic-tac-toe board and showed how you can select and delete the extending lines to form a simple square. Now try that in Illustrator! 
Not so easy, huh? (more…)

book-coverDavid Lasky and Frank Young met with Cartoonists Northwest in January to describe the long and winding road that led to the publication of their graphic novel, The Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song. David Lasky discovered the music of the Carters, the Virginian natives who brought country music to the masses in the 1920s, while watching a documentary.

While discussing the idea of working on a project together, Frank Young dreamed that he found a cache of old newspaper comics written about the Carters. The collaborators took inspiration from the golden age of comic strips like “Gasoline Alley” and “Little Orphan Annie” as they formulated their plan to illustrate the highs and lows of the pioneer singing group.

One of their greatest challenges was conveying the power of the Carters’ music in a comic book format. This was complicated by the fact that, as they learned along the way, many of the song lyrics were not in the public domain. David used a combination of lyrical snippets, color and artistic symbolism to recreate the emotion of the music. Good fortune turned up a series of radio broadcasts they were able to include on a CD that accompanies the book. (more…)