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February 2015 Meeting Review

Huf main picOur February meeting featured a night with caricature artist Tom “Huf” Hofstedt. It was a fun event, a little different than the usual guest speaker presentation regular members might be accustomed to.

Instead spending the whole time talking about himself and showing samples of his work, Huf spent most of the evening drawing for us. Everyone who attended received a special treat… their very own caricature! Check out the samples posted in the photo gallery section of the CNW website.

Before he started drawing, Huf told us a little bit about himself and what motivates him to draw. He started drawing at age 10 when he would do portraits of his classmates at school. Everyone was impressed how he could recreate a likeness so well. This kept him motivated to draw more. Huf says there’s nothing he likes better than someone saying “It looks just like him!”. He prefers to draw profiles, and is not concerned about making his subject look funny or exaggerated. For Huf, it’s more about creating a true representation of the person sitting in front of him.

“If you like drawing, pay attention to every time you put down a line” Huf advised the group. “Never stop learning!” He also added that as an artist, you never truly “get there”. Always keep going. The one thought Huf wanted to leave the group with was to “hang on and continue to learn”. Words of wisdom indeed!

The rest of the night was a steady stream of people sitting in front of Huf to pose for their caricature. Huf cranked them out one after another. Each drawing took about 2 1/2 minutes. There was just enough time to get everyone drawn. Huf draws on his own designed templates which contain his name and contact info. What a great way to self promote! He draws straight to ink, no pencil sketch! He uses Markette markers, which he says provide a greater range of line than a typical Sharpie.

If you missed the meeting and would like Tom to draw a caricature of you or someone else you know, he will be happy to accommodate you! For 10$, Tom will draw a profile caricature just like the ones he did at the meeting. Just send him your photos along with a check for $10 to:
Huf Enterprises
2819 Claremont Dr. N
Tacoma, WA 98407

For more information, please visit his webite at