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February 2016 Meeting Review

March-2016-show-and-tellShow Me Yours …
Show & tell CNW-style!

The February CNW Meeting was an enjoyable time with attendees talking about and showing examples of their art and creations.

For example:

Larry Lewis brought his Traveling MIni-Comics Display. Cleverly designed and built in form-core to be small enough to fit in a carry-on bag, then expand to be a stand-up sales showcase and stockroom.

Steve McDougall is a published Editorial Cartoonist, we will see some in future issues of Penstuff.

Lisa Harmon talked about Cartooning & Calligraphy, two of her passions … another being horses.

Bill Morse, creator/writer/artist of the online comic strip Rhapsodies, showed off some art on his laptop.

Phil Fagerholm shared his interest in, and gave away examples of, vintage postcards.  He’s a member of the Pacific Northwest Post Card Club.

Amy Momb-Dean is looking into copyrighting her cartoons as she gets ready to publish.

Elizabeth Pankey will display 3 or 4 pieces in the Big Quilting show on March 11-13.  She has been drawing her Seagulls since 1977 and brought a friend.

Roberta Gregory joined CNW shortly after moving here in 1989 and been publishing for over 25 years.  She has a new story in The Secret Loves of Geek Girls. 

Charlotte Silva showed off her display of colorful comic strips.

Another fun CNW Show & Tell and afterward many went to Burgermaster for something to eat and good conversation.