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July 2016 CNW Meeting Review – Steve Gallacci

July’s presentation was hosted by Steve Gallacci who led us on a tour of his youthful influences, from the Peanuts comic strips to Marvel Superhero Comics to science-fiction publications like Analog.

Later, it was National Lampoon and various underground comics. He already had some fine art training from his Mother and when he joined the USAF, he luckily became a Graphics Specialist. There he learned a wide range of skills related to graphics as well as printing and publishing. It was also then where he began to dabble in cartooning, first with briefing material that included cartoon mascots, then his own cartoon characters.

Steve-Gallacci-3This would lead some years later to the groundbreaking ‘Furry’ comic book Albedo. At the same time he was also doing science-fiction art and soon published other’s work, including Donna Barr’s The Desert Peach and an Albedo role-playing game.

He also has worked on other projects, including the SF comic Fusion, movie props and rubber suit monsters for film, custom model design and building and had, for many years been doing American Civil War re-enacting. He also shared his ideas for new and up-coming projects and ended with handing out sample comics and art pieces.

Quite a lively and informative evening full of ideas and inspiration for up and coming artists.


He already had some fine art training from his Mother and when he joined the USAF…. ;)