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March 2015 meeting review

Review of CNW “How to Draw the Simpson’s” active-draw meeting, March 17, 2015

DSC00071President, Jason Fruchter, led the audience-participation activity of learning how to draw the spectacularly popular TV cartoon series “The Simpson’s”, based on the characters developed over 25 years ago by Matt Groening. The TV series has been the most popular animated program ever … even besting The Flintstones and The Jetsons.

Artist Matt Groening has a distinct style. Studio artists who work on the series must have a knowledge of how to draw each character, in a variety of angles and poses. There are required proportions for each element.

Jason used a well-illustrated book (“Secret Tips from the Pro’s”), along with slides to help the crowd learn to draw. It started with the basics … a circle, a triangle, a cylinder, an oval.

First to be drawn … the character of Homer. Starting with the head.

Followed by Bart. …

And of course, sister Lisa … She’s a little more complicated. Girls always are.

And not to be left out, mom Marge …

And what’s a head without a body?