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March 2016 Meeting Review

Roberta Gregory with samples of her work

Roberta Gregory with samples of her work

An evening with the nicest cartoonist
(as captured by Charlotte Silva with additional input from Larry Lewis)


Roberta Gregory gave a great presentation – super, as always! Even for those who had seen it before it was fresh. Her speaking style is so low-key and self-effacing the pioneering importance of her career could slip right by you! She gave us the scoop on Naughty Bits and how Bitchy took on a life of her own in toons, and that she is planning a 25 year anniversary work as well. So we look forward to more info as that progresses.

Roberta also told us the scoop on “Sheila and the Unicorn” – why it was a just a book and not a strip. But my favorite moment was her emphasizing why we [as artists] need to “DO IT” [create already!] no matter what! The difference as she explained it is between the artist and the business person’s perspectives/paradigms: (What I heard, not necessarily direct quotes)

Businessman: “I have to do this before someone else does.
Artist: “If I don’t do this, no one will.

i.e., all artists have truly unique works‎ to offer.  Don’t know if it was her quote or someone else’s but it struck a chord with me.

One of the questions she was asked was something like, “You are the nicest cartoonist I know. Are people disappointed when they meet you and you aren’t like your character [Bitchy]?”‎  She is really THAT nice.    She even brought free issues of Naughty Bits! Great swag at CNW meetings, I tell you! :)

Other happenings at the meeting

– Didn’t get the name of the new fellow tonight but hope he comes back next time. Awesome sci-fi drawings. :)

20160319_185245- Lisa Harmon brought in some absolutely great single panel toons she did long ago, and won Best of Northwest with one of them tonight! Hope she gets them published somehow, and you all get to see them. Great sense of humor.

John Lustig passed out some “Last Kiss” freebies along with a link to the online voting site for Seattle P-I. They are considering adding Last Kiss or one of two other strips to their comics page. He said he was surprised because his work is more [racier?] than before, but maybe that’s exactly why he’s back on the radar?

Post meeting at Burgermaster

Skeleton crew this time – most everybody had to scoot. But Larry, Alex, Bill, and I made it. The pros even helped me with tips on the character I am struggling with capturing in caricature. [I *WILL* capture that congressman’s sneaky grin, by golly!]

Lots more but I don’t remember… too much fun – as it should be.  :)

Next meeting scheduled for April 16, 2016 – see you there!