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President’s Column: October 2015

CNW President Jason Fruchter

CNW President Jason Fruchter

The Six Fundamentals Of Drawing

In my never ending pursuit to improve my drawing skills, I’ve come across an interesting list I’d like to share with you. It’s from volume 1 of the the 2 volume series titled Drawn To Life, 20 Golden Years Of Disney Master Classes. The book is a compilation of lectures and drawings from the legendary long-time Disney animator Walt Stanchfield. Stanchfield helped breathe life into the new golden age of animation with the teachings contained in this book. As you pursue your goal in improving your own character drawing skills, here is a list of 6 things you might want to keep in mind:



Stanchfield Straight Curved1) Weight Distribution
How the figure balances itself because of what it is doing.

2) Thrust
Body language usually requires a hip to be thrust out, a shoulder up, knees apart, or an arm out (as in throwing something or pointing), etc.

3) Angles
Straight up and down figures are generally stiff and static. Angles will add life and a feeling of movement.

4) Tension
Whenever one member of the body moves there is tension set up between it and its counterpart. You can capture an effective pose by working one elbow against the other elbow; one knee against the other; likewise the feet, hands, and the shoulders. Never draw one appendage without planning a counter move with its opposite… Never!

Tigger4_lg5) Straight Against Curve
Straights and curves tie in perfectly with one of animation’s key tools – “Squash and Stretch”. Straights and curves used indiscriminately are but trickery, but when used logically they can emphasize and clarify the gesture.

6) Extremes Of The Pose
A single drawing in animation can have extremes, which, in a “flash” explains what is happening in the pose. Those extremes are vital to such an explanation. Forces are at play in a gesture and it is force and thrust and tention that generates and extreme.

There you have it! These words are not mine.. they are taken directly from the master himself! So grab a pencil and use these tips to breathe new life to your character drawings and create a golden age of your very own.

Jason Fruchter