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September 2016 CNW Meeting Review – Vic Stredicke

by Randy Vaillancourt

Vic StredickeTonight’s speaker was Vic Stredicke, formerly the Comics Page Editor of The Seattle Times and Publisher of Cartoon World. Real living history!

He showed us how to cut our teeth in the competitive world of comic strip syndication.

Vic actually brought Gary Larson of The Far Side and Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist David Horsey (Seattle P-I, L. A. Times) and highly success ful syndicated cartoonist Brian Basset (Red & Rover, Adam @ Home) to CNW meetings in the 1980s – true living legends!

Uh-oh, class exercises … ugh. I can’t draw on command. Everyone in the room gets some paper and on it draws a person standing. Trades with someone else who writes a gag beneath. First lesson: figure studies, punch lines, and locales. If the gag doesn’t work, maybe change the figure: from businessman to lumberjack, or ballet dancer, or wearing a kilt … don’t feel trapped in your first idea, you can improve on it.

Vic StredickeLesson Learned: draw a cartoon when you have one in mind, stick it in a manila mailing envelope, pin that on the wall, then write Womens Day or Better Homes & Gardens or The New Yorker on it. Keep drawing cartoons when you have an idea, make other mailing envelopes for different publishers who buy cartoons – do this for three (3) months. You’ll have batches of cartoons to send out to publishers … rather than sitting around saying, “I don’t have any ideas, can’t draw right now, couldn’t come up with six cartoons for the Submissions Editor” … you’ll do all of that with less pressure on yourself and easier path to success.

Don’t go elaborate unless you can do it in a little time! Spending a lot more time to impress someone might backfire when you find you’re working much longer and harder than the pay warrants.

Business card, information brochure; make a little package for potential magazine buyers. And sign your work – it does you little or no good if no one knows how to get in touch with you in the future.

Hit the Library for potential magazine markets. Even in this digital day and age your public library is a vast, free source of reference information. For instance; The 100 Greatest Cartoons from the New Yorker.


See you at the next meeting!

Date: Saturday, October 15th

Time:  5:30 to 7:30pm

Location: Artist & Craftsman Supply
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Seattle, 98105 

(in the University District about a block east of I-5)

Free Parking until 7:30 at the parking lot across the street