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Drawl: Message from the President for May

Posted by Georgia Ball in news | Toonies

Has another Toonies already come and gone? The longer I’m in Cartoonists Northwest, the more I begin to associate the character of a year with what happened at the Toonie™ Awards. Saturday night’s event ran smoothly and entertained many, offering all of the familiar traditions alongside some welcome surprises.

The Amazing Martin Brothers upped the ante this year with contribution’s from not one, but two additional members and a longer playlist. Members swept the Art Auction table and nearly every item was gone by the end of the evening. Participation in the Clay Contest was high; perpetual Clay Contest winner Mark Monlux took the prize again, and received a PVP collection for his efforts signed by our guest speaker, .

Speaking of Kurtz, Scott delighted attendees with a speech that was equally candid, spontaneous, and hilariously funny. He recounted his progression from aspiring newspaper cartoonist to influential webcomics professional, and though he clearly regrets how often he’s more closely associated with the business side of comics than the artistic side, he takes pride in how successful he’s been without the aid of a syndicate. Scott Kurtz is both a fabulous cartoonist and an admirable business man, and he is very deserving of his Cartoonists Northwest Hall of Fame Award. Following the ceremony he not only tweeted that he was honored to receive it, but he liked the 3-D nature of the totem on the plaque. That’s always been my favorite thing about the physical Golden Toonie, and I want to especially send thanks to Maureen for all of the annual hard work she puts into making new awards.

Congratulations to all our Toonie™ category winners and to our two newest Golden Toonie™ recipients, Shannon Wheeler and T Lewis.

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