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Toonie Awards 2011


Guests began arriving early for the 21st Annual Toonie™ Award Banquet held at Ivar’s Salmon House on May 5 
2012. Cartoonists Northwest members look forward to their yearly opportunity to dress up and hob-knob with friends, colleagues, special guests and extended family at the Lake Union restaurant, and CNW Founding Mother Maureen VanderPas honored Cinco de Mayo by festooning the Ivar’s banquet hall with Mexican-inspired décor. Waiters arrived with cocktail orders as guests perused the Silent Auction table and sketched on the oversized “Draw Something” pad.

Members chose their seats and unwrapped bars of Sculpey® in hopes of standing a chance of win-
ning the Clay Contest against perennial champ, Mark Monlux. Ivar’s served the traditional three course meal of salad, an entrée and dessert plates filled with cookies, brownies and other pastries, then Maureen’s introduction began the ceremonies in earnest.

2012 Cartoonists Northwest President Georgia Ball made general announcements, and Maureen congratulated those who had achievedmembership milestones:  25 years John Lustig;  20 years Paul Shea, George Swift,  Rayne Beaudoin, Tony Benedict, Dan McConnell;  15 years Ray Collins

Ron Austin followed with a presentation of clips from his work-in-progress documentary on Pacific Northwest cartoonists, and members enjoyed seeing pictures and footage of many familiar faces.  Georgia then introduced our guest of honor, Scott Kurtz.

Although best-known as the influential creator of the webcomic Player vs. Player, Scott Kurtz had always dreamed of entering the comic strip industry through the traditional route of newspaper syndication. He published his work through the internet as the only option available to him, hoping some day the syndicates would approach him, but eventually realized he had established a successful enterprise without them. Scott tossed out quips, made clever, off-the-cuff remarks and told deeply personal stories that both impressed his audience and had them roaring with laughter.

John Lustig and Georgia Ball announced the winners of the individual Toonie™ categories:   Comic Strips Jeff Hawley and T Lewis (tie); Illustration Steve Greenberg; Editorial Milt Priggee; Comic Book Georgia Ball and Chuck Messinger (tie); Books & Pubs Shannon Wheeler, Publisher Northwest Press Charles “Zan” Christensen.

The winner of the Golden Toonie™ Award for work accomplished in 2011 was a tie: Too Much Coffee Man artist Shannon
Wheeler and Over the Hedge syndicated cartoonist T Lewis. The Toonie™ Hall of Fame Award graduated this year from certificate to sculpted plaque, and Cartoonists Northwest presented it with pleasure to banquet special guest speaker Scott Kurtz.

Once again, Mark Monlux held onto his title as Favorite Clay Creation Winner of the Clay Contest, Sylvia Breece was named Most Creative (#51) and Dan McConnell was chosen Best Use of Props.

Thanks Again! to Iris Weiss and everyone at Polyform Products for the supply of Sculpey Clay!

The Silent Art Auction came to a close with almost all of the items up for bid sold, and the proceeds from the auction helped fund the event.

The Amazing Martin Brothers Band regaled the banquet with musicianship and creative lyrics on songs such as “Cartoons of a Wallflower”, “I’ll Draw Anime”, “Draw Comically”, “Plagerism Blues” and many, many others too numerous to mention.  This years line-up included Keith, Gabe, Jack, Jeff, Dan and Pat.