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Toonie Awards 2015


The 2015 Golden Toonie Award winner goes to

Aaron McConnell of Portland!

Aaron illustrated The Comic Book Story of Beer. A New York Times Best Seller, it is a full-color, lushly illustrated graphic 170 page novel that recounts the many-layered past and present of beer through dynamic pairings of pictures and meticulously researched insight into the history of the world’s favorite brew.

The 2015 Toonie Award finalists (by category) were:

Comic Books (tie)
  • Georgia Ball for “Transformers: Robots in disguise” where the Bee Team engages in Decepticon-busting adventures.
  • Mita Mahato for “Sea” created with cut up newspapers to re-make it into gorgeous comics. Using the old to create a new medium.

Editorial Cartoons

  • Milt Priggee’s award winning political cartoons have been nationally syndicated with Copley, Cartoonists & Writers Syndicate and Universal Press Syndicate.

Illustrated Books

The rest of the 2015 awards presented were:

Appreciation Award

  • Brian Basset as guest speaker, who was also a guest speaker 25 years ago at our very First Annual Toonie Awards!

Hall of Fame Awards

  • Ron Austin and Louise Amandes were each the recipients of this high honor for their documentary Bezango about cartoonists in the northwest, which took five years to create, and it was very well received locally and internationally.

2016 Hall of Fame winners Louise Amandes and Ron Austin

Best of the Northwest Cartoon of the Year: (tie) Hashem Hajyah and Elizabeth Pankey

First Place in the Clay Creation Competition: Bobbie Robinson (Brian Basset’s wife)

Fifteen Year Member:  Mark Monlux

Twenty-Five Year Members: Kathy Biever, Kevin Brockschmidt, Bill Friday, Linda and Chuck Huffman and Bob Kelton.

Thirty Year Members:  Avery, Tom Hofstedt, Jeff Willis and Jeff Wood

Thirty-Five Year Members: (Charter Members) Gary Bocz, Liz deDesrochers, Bob Gilman, Steve Gallacci, Mark Jessup, Mike Tackett and Maureen VanderPas

It was a wonderful event and we were plumb full, with folks were squeezing in where they could. Voting was done for the Best of the Northwest, and many attendees were creating diverse clay designs with an array of artistic talents.

Brian’s talk had everyone glued to their seats, as he discussed the difficulties of writing the scripts 2-1/2 to 5 weeks ahead of publication dates. And as newspapers keep dwindling, it becomes more difficult to be successful in the printed media outlets.

The evening ended as we cut into a delicious sheet cake celebrating the 35 years we have been an organization as Cartoonists Northwest, and 25 years of Annual Toonie Awards.

That’s all folks!

Perhaps next year we may even do it again. …..maybe