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Toonie Guidelines

In the hope of making the process both clearer and fairer, the CNW Awards Committee has come up with the following rules for the Golden Toonie Awards:
  1. By far the most important rule: All nominees MUST have a connection to the Northwest. Living here now or in the past is the most obvious connection.
    (We do suggest that local creators who substantially contribute to and/or support the Northwest cartoon culture get extra consideration. Artistic achievement is critical. But—if you’re deciding between two equally talented artists—we urge you to consider an artist’s efforts to aid other artists as a tie-breaker.)
  2. Past Golden Toonie winners will NOT be eligible for nomination for another 10 years. Winning a category award certificate (but not winning an actual Golden Toonie plaque) will not disqualify a creator for nomination in following years. The 10-year-rule isn’t perfect, but we think it strikes a nice balance between newer and more established talent.
  3. Speaking of new and old, we want to honor the best among us. If you’re a big name star—a legend with a Northwest connection—the Toonie Awards Committee may select you for a Hall of Fame Award. But we suggest that first consideration for Golden Toonies go to creators who deserve wider recognition, but haven’t received it so far. This is where the Golden Toonies can make a real difference—shining a spotlight on some of our overlooked, but deserving local creators. Just to be really clear here, we’re not disallowing established creators. They deserved recognition too and many of them toil in relative obscurity for years. We’re simply suggesting that superstars such as Simpsons’s creator Matt Groening should receive a Hall of Fame award (which he did in 2006) rather than compete for a Golden Toonie.
  4. Finally, we want to make voting as easy as possible. That’s why we accept ballots at meetings, via snail mail or via the web. But you can only vote once—no matter what method you use

CNW Toonie Award Categories

Note: At least two nominations are required for a category to appear on the ballot

Books and Publications
Graphic Novel
Children’s Books
Trade Paperbacks
Humor Compilations

Comic Book
Long Form Webcomic
Comic Book Issues

Comic Strip
Newspaper strip
Webcomic strip

Gag Cartoon

Advertising Illustration
Book Illustration
Newspaper Illustration





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