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Dan McConnellLadies and Gentlehens, Boys and Ghouls, Squids of all ages! Presenting the Pretentious Pencilled Prestidigitations of one Daniel McConnell:

Cartoonists Northwest member since 19 and Eighty something … I have the Penstuffs to prove it!

And Member in Good Standing…not ‘Great! Standing’ of the National Cartoonists Society since Sept 12, 2012.

I will be presenting a variety of my artwork, which will run a wide gamut from Scientific Illustrations, portraiture and surreal landscapes and prints to Caricatures and many things in between. I’ll pass around my first inked comic book work for NOW Comics and Marvel Comics and copies of my single panel gags and two of the originals bought by Reader’s Digest magazine this summer, plus my Then & NOW comic strips for the Good Life magazine. There will be Sneak Peeks of a Graphic Novel Project I am working on with an Unusual Gang of Idiots. Unusual because they ALL are Not associated with MAD magazine….just Most of them… except ME and maybe Greg!

There will also be framed artwork to pass around…don’t get your smudgy digits on the glass please and No Peanut Butter and Jam fingers at the meeting Bill Morse! (Just kidding Bill you’re a very fastidious guy! Maybe it was Vic S.)

I may be revealing some Top Secret Information to you and will for sure reveal some information about NCS that will come as a surprise to you and make you jump for joy or ‘Lump for Loy’, if you’re one of those kind of people. A bending of the membership regulations for your benefit will be discussed along with a discussion about the benefits I received from being an NCS member and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Nick Meglin, Tom Richmond, Sam Viviano and the late great Jack Davis and Sharp as a Knife wit of Mel Lazurus just to name a few. I also met Rchard Thompson Twice!! before the dastardly Parkinson’s Disease took him this last year. The NCS has a Northwest Chapter and is entitled NCS NW! I kid you not! Todd Clark was the first Chapter Chair, Geoff Hassing was the second Chapter Chair and I took over for him this year. I’m Number 3! So please come to the meeting! There might be some FREE stuff and I’ll also show off some of Aaron McConnell’s books for those of you who have not seen his 600 pages of Graphic Novel labor from the last 6 years.

See you at Artist & Craftsman!

What: JULY meeting of Cartoonists Northwest 
(Meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month)
Date: Saturday, October 15th

Time:  5:30 to 7:30pm

Location: Artist & Craftsman Supply
4350 8th Avenue N.E.
Seattle, 98105 

(in the University District about a block east of I-5)

Free Parking until 7:30 at the parking lot across the street 

Vic Stredicke

Vic Stredicke

Vic Stredicke is coming to talk at the September 17 meeting of Cartoonists Northwest!

He will share the wisdom of his years as Comics Page Editor at the Seattle Times and Publisher of Cartoon World.  Vic wants to touch on some steps an artist needs to accomplish when submitting a comic strip to a syndicate.

Come meet Vic at the Sept 17th CNW meeting and find out more!

There Is No Better Way To Enjoy August Than At Our Cartoonists Northwest Show & Tell!

Cover of this month's Penstuff Newsletter

Cover of this month’s Penstuff Newsletter

Come to the Cartoonists Northwest meeting on Saturday, August 20 and bring samples of your art, show off your latest project, share tips or techniques, and enjoy each others work.

Everyone will get a few minutes (depending on the attendance) to have the floor and show off or promote their art.  Go ahead – sweep the crowd off their feet!

If you have friends whom you think might enjoy CNW, the Show & Tell
meetings are a great time to introduce them to your fellow cartoonists!  The meeting is free and anything goes!

Who knows what cool stuff will show up!

What: AUGUST meeting of Cartoonists Northwest 

(Meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month)

Date: Saturday, August 20th 

Time:  5:30 to 7:30pm


Artist & Craftsman Supply 

4350 8th Avenue N.E.
Seattle, 98105
(in the University District about a block east of I-5)

Free Parking until 7:30 at the parking lot across the street